Welcome to Dock and Launch LLC

Mission Statement

Make launching, boarding your watercraft, safe, simple, on Lakes, Rivers and Tidal bodies of water.

Built for Safety

Used for Fun

Kayak Launch & Hoist System for Docks & Seawalls!

Kayak Launch System: Pedal Drive Kayaks Demo

Kayak Launch System: Tandem Kayak Demo

About Our Product

The KAYAK LAUNCH was invented in January 2013 to help a family member, living on a tidal waterway to launch their kayak. The launch concept quickly gained popularity among other family members, friends, and neighbors. The prototype was refined, tested and then presented to a Florida based company specializing in custom boat lifts. The launch was further refined and put into production in February 2013. A patent was issued.

We offer 6 different models, which are designed to launch, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and other watercraft.